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Sanwa Accounting & Co., are providing accounting & tax services since 1998. In addition to these services, we offer various business comprehensive advices to our clients.
We are the member firm of IAC group. We provide a collaborated service that combines our local skills and experiences with resources of IAC‘s Asia Region network to our clients.


Morihiro Yoneda Professional Tax Accountant
Masanobu Nagashima Professional Tax Accountant
Takako Doyama Professional Tax Accountant
Yousuke Kuwajima Certificated Professional Accountant
Professional Tax Accountant
Yuji Sakamoto Certificated Turn-around Professional
Sho Uchihashi Certificated Professional Accountant
Motoki Yano Certificated Professional Accountant
Kazuyo Murakawa Labor and Social Security Attorney


1-10-30 7F Fujitsuka 1-Chome, Takamatsu City, Kagawa , Japan 760-0071
TEL :087(862)6715 FAX: 087(863)6520

About IAC

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Our Services

We provide various services for the client’s business needs. Our services include:

・Tax services
・Supporting Small & Medium Size Companies Business Expansion In Asis
・M&A, Corporate Reorganization & Rehabilitaion
・Inheritance & Corporate Going-Concern Planning
・Corporate Computer System Consultation
・Legal Audit

Tax services

We provide Japanese tax compliance services for the company & individual. Our services include:

・Corporate & Individual tax general advisory services
・Preparation of Corporate & Individual tax return
・Preparation of Inheritance tax return
・Assistance for tax audit

Supporting Small & Medium Size Companies Business Expansion In Asia

We are the member firm of IAC group. By collaborating the resources of IAC ‘s Asia Region network, we provide a in-depth advices to on the issues Japanese companies encounter when they expand to the business in Asia.
We also provide various services on international tax matters under Japanese tax laws.

M&A, Corporate Reorganization & Rehabilitaion

We provide the following consulting services to the Japanese companies. Our services include:

・Advisory services on M&A planning
・Due diligence services on M&A matter and restricting, revitalization
・Stock valuation

Inheritance & Corporate Going-Concern Planning

We provide the following consulting services to the individual & Japanese companies. Our services include:

・Inheritance tax planning
・Going-Concern Planning for Japanese companies
・Stock valuation
・Various advices on inheritance matters

Corporate Computer System Consultation

We provide the computer system consulting services to the Japanese companies on introduce or restructure the accounting systems, cost-management systems, sales- management systems, purchase & inventory- management systems.

Legal Audit

We provide the following audit services. Our services include:

・Legal audit services to the companies based on the Japanese corporate law.
・Internal audit for the company
・External audit for the Public Organizations